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Metzler meets Fraunhofer - Critical infrastructures

February 2017 Daily life in industrialized nations such as Germany now functions solely on the basis of a tightly-knit network of complex, interwoven infrastructures. These have become vulnerable as a result of their increasing interconnectedness, and a breakdown could have dramatic consequences: after all, cyberwarfare – like terrorism – threatens the very fabric of our lives. Furthermore, the number of worrying attacks on critical infrastructures is rising at breathtaking speed. Are industry, politics and private households in Germany even remotely able to counter such threats and prevent a blackout?

At the "Metzler meets Fraunhofer" conference in February 2017, on the subject of "Critical Infrastructures – Risks, Protection and Resilience", Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beyerer, head of the Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation (IOSB), and Dr. Johannes Reich, personally liable partner of Metzler Bank and responsible for the core business field Corporate Finance and the Information Technology division, discussed the issues

Gerhard Wiesheu from Metzler Bank presents the NIPPON CINEMA AWARD

31.5.2016 On May 29, 2016 at the Mousonturm cultural center in Frankfurt/Main, the winners of the16th Nippon Connection, the world’s largest festival for Japanese films, were announced for the various categories. The most prestigious award, the NIPPON CINEMA AWARD, presented for the twelfth time, worth EUR 2,000 and donated by Metzler Bank in Frankfurt/Main, went to the comedic gangster film RYUZO AND THE SEVEN HENCHMEN by Takeshi Kitano. Read more

M&A activity likely to intensify in the supplier industry

27.1.2016 "Comparable automobile scandals in the past do not suggest that there will be a plunge in sales of diesel vehicles as a consequence of the VW scandal" – this is the conclusion drawn by M&A expert Hans Günter Wolf, Managing Director of B. Metzler GmbH. Read more

Hans Günter Wolf

Electro-mobility: The dawn of a revolutionary boom

8.12.2016 As the drive technology of the future, e-mobility had long been considered a "theoretical theme" – debated by specialists, on environmental forums or at universities. The sector generally agreed that it would take many years for this technology to achieve mass mobility status. "But this has rapidly changed", says Jürgen Pieper, sector analyst at Metzler Capital Markets. Please read more.

Annual press conference 2016: Good start to the present financial year

25.5.2016 "We got off to a good start to the new year and are optimistic about the development of our core busi­ness areas in 2016", reported Emmerich Müller, partner in Metzler Bank, at this year’s annual press conference in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Metzler focuses on reliability, sustainability and continuity. Independence remains the key success factor in all areas. This means that Metzler is able to act entirely in the interests of its clients stressed Müller, who was able to report on a successful financial year. Read more

Emmerich Müller